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GIS 52 - Advanced GIS

GIS 52 - Course Introduction

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Advanced GIS fulfills a core requirement for SRJC's GIS Certificate.

This is an advanced project-based course where the student will apply fundamental and intermediate concepts in geographic information systems (GIS) to a specific project utilizing GIS technology and industry standard software. Students should come prepared with a project topic, scope, goals and objectives, and data sources. An oral presentation of the project will be made at the completion of the course.


Course Completion of GIS 51 OR Course Completion of APTECH 54B (or CEST399.54)

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate advanced skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis
  2. Prepare layouts, reports, charts and graphs to support the GIS project presentation
  3. Prepare and present a GIS project


  1. Research and acquire GIS data
  2. Edit, query and analyze geographic and tabular data
  3. Perform advanced spatial analysis using GIS technology
  4. Customize software for spatial analysis queries
  5. Create layouts and query information using GIS techniques
  6. Prepare and present a GIS project with supporting data
  7. Repeating students will gain enhanced skills and proficiiencies through learning and applying methodologies and tools from updated and upgraded versions of the software.

Contact Information

Kevin Lacefield
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