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Home GIS 53 Assignments Assignment 3

Assignment 3

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Due Date: February 9, 2017
Point Total: 10 points

  1. Small Draft map of California Missions
  2. Write-up

This is the first step for creating your semester long project - a 24" x 18" map of the California Missions.

Draft map of California Missions:

  • From within ArcMap create a sketch map of California on letter size paper, with California Missions shown.
    • You will need to find or create the mission layer.
  • With pencil/pen show where other relevant information will be located on the page.
  • On a separate piece of paper list of layers that you may want on the final map. 
    • Include where they may be found
  • What additional information will you show in the white spaces of the page?
  • What information about the missions will you highlight?